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What sort of experience do you have that has prepared you to write this story? How and where did you learn to interpret Scripture?

I will be brutally honest if I may. Like I state in my book, these ideas fell straight from the sky to my lap, then I followed the trail. My experience in writing these things about the Bible is virtually Zero. I am literally a “babe” when it comes to matters of the Bible, or was before writing The Cephas Code of Christ (CCC) and I will not pretend otherwise. However I am trained as a lawyer — a profession I have dutifully practiced for the last 20 years and if I may say so, this legal training has certainly and surprisingly come in handy in explaining the things that I write because they are basically literal and plain things that require no spiritual guidance to understand. The CCC is more literal than spiritual. It is how these things have managed to elude mankind for all these centuries that should be stunning in itself.

The book CCC is so plain yet so revealing that perhaps only a biblical babe could have unearthed these things. This best explains the virgin perspective of this book which discards all traditional and known teachings about the evolution and writing of the Bible. It was actually not until 1885 that the God authorised Bible was fully completed.

Were there other books that you read, or ministers you heard, who influenced your ideas?

The book The Cephas Code of Christ (The CCC) reveals the apparent divinity of the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible, a subject that has never, to the best of my knowledge, been broached comprehensively before. The idea of a secret Numeric Scripture woven into the fabric of the Bible script is kind of a novel one. I have therefore not had the benefit of borrowing from any books on this subject save the Bible. The Bible and solely the Bible forms the basis of this book.

Of course, I have had to do lots of research on the internet about, say, the history of the Bible or King James himself, where research sites like Wikipedia have come in very handy, but generally speaking it is a journey that I have undertaken with divine guidance. Incidentally that’s a story that I intend to write another day.

The things contained in The CCC are so deep biblically they are obviously not my ideas and creation and I were definitely not influenced by any living person. It is inevitable that at some point in time that the revelations made in The CCC were going to be made public by someone but I still wonder why I was chosen for this task yet I must admit I was a novice when it came to the Bible then. But I leave that to God. The book is revolutionary, yet the very things I write about Jesus spoke of two thousand years ago. The book of God and the Everlasting Gospel are clearly recorded in Revelation and cannot possibly be my creation. Yet what they are has, ever since they were written about, always eluded mankind. At the end of the book, it becomes pretty evident, even to a doubting Thomas that The CCC, which connects many of the missing dots in the Bible to explain plainly the hidden mysteries of the Bible, can only have been from God. Matthew 11:25 plainly states so. And I believe it 100 percent.

If The CCC discloses a true phenomenon — and there is little doubt that what is contained herein is factual — then this discovery stands far apart as the most important one of all discoveries by man ever since the days of Adam. The discovery of written proof of God written by God Himself wrapped and hidden in the Bible will certainly reverberate far and wide with all of us.

In the end only two possible conclusions are possible; either what I write about is purely fantasy and an absolute fabrication or that we now have written proof of a super intelligent God who traverses time and space as we know them. This is real science way beyond all our collective knowledge and I cannot really wait to hear what the scientists will say this time about God’s existence.

That is why I expect lots of flak from diehard skeptics but equally unparalleled acceptance from believers, nonbelievers, doubters and atheists.

Why do you think that the Scripture foretells the importance of the English language, when the Bible was not written in English?

The scripture does not foretell the importance of the English language. All languages are equal in the eyes of God.

The Englishification of the Bible in 1611 is simply a part of the seven-fold sealing process and constitutes a seal just like the other six seals. The book of God described by John in Revelation 5:1 is written both inside and on the back side and is sealed with seven seals. From The CCC we are able to identify all these seven seals.

The Bible does not distinguish between the various vernacular languages of the Bible, and is categorical that ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God (2 Tim 3:16). In fact the Bible’s universal dissemination and publication in all tongues was specifically foretold by Jesus himself in Mark 3:10 before its writing began. However its Englishification is important because we can now definitively identify the book of God and, for Bible scholars the countdown in the book of Revelation to Jesus’ second coming suddenly has clear timelines. The CCC will hopefully also put an end to the various interpretation schools on the book of Revelations existing today. Bible scholars will definitely require to develope a more scientific and objective relooking at the Bible than before.

English incidentally also happens to be the language of these revelations and is for example used by God to unearth the concealed book of God in Revelation 5:1 (though some translations that come after the KJV have inadvertently again concealed this book). And here’s how. John in his Greek Bible uses two distinct words “biblion” in Revelation 5:1 and “bibliou” in Revelation 22:18–19 in effect ingeniously concealing from the readers that these two chapters are effectively referring to one and the same book. It is not until many centuries later, when the Bible is translated into English, that the book of God in Revelation 5 is revealed to be the book of God in Revelation 22 when the word ‘book” is used in both chapters!

So here we see an example of God not only using the English Bible to retrospectively make corrections to the original Greek manuscript, we see God expressly unveiling this prophecy in exclusively the English languages! Surreally, it is as though the Bible is written backwards.

This perfectly explains why it is called the Everlasting Gospel.

What would you say to people who have a more standard interpretation of the Bible and don’t think that there are secret codes hidden in Scripture?

I would tell them those human standards were all wrong. It is the reason why John is commanded to prophesy again in Revelation 10:11. All those who said that the mysteries of the Bible were finished, were grossly wrong. Trust Jesus only for he tells us he is the Alpha and the Omega and seals it. And when John tells us that all those who pierced Jesus will look up at him, he must have meant something tangible. Time and space do not constrain God.

At what stage did you think the book of God or the Everlasting Gospel would be eventually revealed ? It had to happen at one time or the other. The time has come. And you do not even need to be a Christian to understand these seals of God. They are self-evident.

The very idea of a secret code in the Bible may be anathematic to many people, but simply ask yourself these questions: Has the prophecy of the book of God in Revelation 5:1 ever been revealed satisfactorily to date? Of course not. What does Jesus mean when he says that the only sign he will leave an evil and adulterous generation is the sign of Jonah? What is the sign of Jonah? What is The Everlasting Gospel mentioned in Revelation 14:6? Are not Peter and Judas specifically verse numbered in Mark 3:13–19? Could this be the numbering Peter talks about in Acts 1:13–19? Is not Jesus verse numbered 16 in both Matthew 1 and Revelation 22, the first and last — the alpha and the omega — books of the Bible? Does not Jesus tell Peter in Matthew 16:13–19 that his words in Matthew 16:16 — rock upon a rock — must have been a revelation from God? And this set of verses 13–19 are they just a mere coincidence or a divine design and do they not strangely fit the description of the divine sign of Jonah of Jesus described in Matthew 12:40? These instances in the Bible where, with the benefit of hindsight, we see Jesus, Peter and John making direct reference to the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible long before their time, suggest a much higher purpose and a divine origin of them. Where did these numbers come from? Who put them in the Bible? Are all these just fanciful coincidences or a grand design of God through Jesus? Remember that John himself tells us that the Everlasting Gospel itself will be revealed at the last hour of God’s judgement (Rev 14:6). Has that hour finally arrived?

Just for clarification, there has been a long standing gross misconception that by the term sign of Jonah Jesus was referring to the time between his death and resurrection. This explanation for centuries has continuously embarrassed the church because the numbers simply do not add up. This has provided fodder for the critics of Jesus and Christianity. Jesus was never in the grave for three days and three nights: From Easter Friday afternoon to the early dawn of Easter Sunday, it was only three days and two nights! The sign of Jonah and the church’s explanation are irreconcilable. Thus Jesus must have meant something else or was simply poor at mathematics. Obviously we got it wrong all along and now with the seven seals unveiled the sign of Jonah is apparent for all to see and marvel at.

What would you say to someone who’s not religious at all and is curious about the teachings of Christianity? Where would you encourage them to start?

Firstly, after reading the CCC you will get to understand the seven seals and how they are applied to the Bible. At the end, it becomes obvious that only God could have authored the sealed Bible for no human mind or work is capable of such synchrony and harmony over such vast times, languages, personnel and space.

Secondly, the inescapable conclusion is; — that as the weaver of the sign of Jonah into the script of the Bible — from Genesis to Revelation — , Jesus can only be the son of God as he claimed to be, because such an undertaking is obviously beyond the execution — let alone the conception — of any human. The authorised and sealed Bible truly is the book of God.

Thirdly, the religion of Christianity is now no longer based on faith alone but real knowledge. We now know that the Christian God, and his begotten son Jesus, have proved themselves to all that they exist somewhere; may be out there, way beyond our realm and knowledge, or perhaps somewhere deep inside ourselves and we forgot how to look for and find them.

Another amazing thing this book does is that after reading it you will be certified a Bible translator even if you have never read the Bible. Amazingly that’s one of the magical things Jesus does through this book. He opens seal 3 of the Bible and you are now finally free to make corrections to the Bible.

Lastly, where do you start as a non religious person? I can encourage you to seek the truth and find it; your literally life depends on it. After reading The CCC, take a copy of the Bible that you understand that’s written in a language that you are fluent in or comfortable with. Then read the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation continuously just like you would read a novel. Then read it again. That’s what I did. And if you are an English reader, compare your Bible to the KJV and comfortably make the requisite corrections for you will have known the authorised book of God.

Finally follow John 3:16 and everything else will fall in place. Everything!

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